tandem paragliding in albania

Some of you are still questioning what is tandem paragliding. Technically, paragliding is a free flying in a foot launched aircraft.

A tandem paraglider is designed to carry two people — the instructor and the passenger. The passenger is strapped into a harness proper in the front of an experienced paragliding pilot at some point of the paragliding tandem flights.

Tandem paragliding is a chic adrenaline rush. You don’t need previous experience, due to certainly one of our professional paraglider pilots will be the only who will do all the tough work. Once you’re strapped into your harness, you just want to run a chunk to take off, and then take a seat back, loosen up and enjoy the beautiful views. Oh, don’t forget to smile for the camera!


We invite you to stay the nice tandem paragliding experience in the south of Albania. During your paragliding ride, you get a “bird-eye” view that isn’t always viable in nearly some other way, so you can have the threat to enjoy spectacular perspectives as you have by no means accomplished before.

Tandem paragliding is largely something not possible to position into words, so that you must do that paragliding adventure as a minimum once in a lifetime.

What You Can Expect?
  • Experienced Tandem Pilots
  • Amazing Panoramic Scenery
  •  Video and Photo Included


Additional information
  •  ACTIVITY: Tandem Paragliding
  •  LOCATION: Vlorë & Llogara
  •  AVAILABLE DATES: All Year Round
  •  PHOTO & VIDEO BUNDLE: Included
  •  HEIGHT: Llogara 900m, Shashica 760m
  • Passenger weight limitations are 25 KG minimum and 110 KG maximum
  •  Passengers can not fly with sandals or likewise foot wear
  •  Passengers with high blood pressure and heart diseases won’t be accepted to flight