Paragliding Albania | Llogara​

 Paragliding Albania, Activity Description

First, have you always been dreaming of flying? Are you equipped to explore new, mystical places from high above? Then this is the proper hobby for you! Join Ilir on a tandem paragliding interest and fly over the Oracle of Palasa. The high cliffs inside the region are perfect for a paragliding flight. The views … truely magical!

Ilir is an skilled instructor, having performed extra time flying in his life than walking. You can have a high-quality enjoy while you may takeoff from a completely atractive poing in National park of Llogara. You will land on the Sea Shore, smoothly after a 20-30 min flight. You do not want to do whatever at all! Just take a seat back, loosen up and enjoy the wonderful views!

What will you be seeing? 

Flying over Palasa is pure magic! It’s class, it’s everything! You will see Peak of Cika Mountain, located in national park of LLogara,the Bay of Dhermi,Bay of Drimadhe, and the most beautiful thing that the nature create on this area, the delta of Palasa. The view will leave you breathless. Green mountains, silver coloured gloves and the weather always sunny and beautiful.

Paragliding Albania, What should you have with you?

Paragliding Albania Activity staffs you should have, the handiest thing you want to bring with you is a pair of boots, a heat jacket for winter, and to be on the predefined point on time. Your pilot will let you know before the flight from which point you will be flying relying on the wind conditions.
Minimum age limit to realise this hobby is 8 years/old,
Cancellation policy: flexible

 Offer Description

-A tandem paragliding flight over Palasa
You will meet with the Pro to meeting point, get prepared and then take off
All you want to do is just take some steps, run a bit, after which the wing inflates itself and you are on the air
There’s without a doubt no turbulences or body dragging – it’s easy and enjoyable
You will land on a pre-fixed spot in which a car will pick you up and get you to your automobile or the village
Duration of the activity: Overall 1 hour , 20 minutes of pure flight
Take off point at 550m.Activity requirements

Maximum passenger weight = 110 kg
All the activity is held under UP PARAGLIDERS certified equipment