Kala Festival


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This one-week pageant had their first appearance in 2018 and made a huge wave! This year its again and located inside the beautiful location of Dhermi. Kala became on the sector stage and speedy named as one of the most important fairs of the summer. With the fulfillment of ultimate 12 months, I actually have a feeling that is going to be one of the largest and most critical music festivals that Albania will maintain hosting. Don’t overlook to test out this competition packing list so that you don’t forget anything!
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A hiden gem in on the
Albanian Riviera


What Kala’s Festival does outside of Dhermi is sincerely unique for a whole lot of reasons, most prominently its intimate wooded setting. Imagine turning a nook and coming upon a clearing wherein a younger Jan Schulte is crooning, John Gómez is shaking, or Nick The Record is shredding. Then the next night you’re stumbling upon a Jamie Tiller dance birthday party or a Lauren Hansom freak-out.
Kala is the rare actually unique enjoy, 
and 2019 presented the fine invoice with which to enjoy it.
Lourens van der Burgh